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MOTTRA is utilizing the most fish friendly approach in harvesting caviar. Unlike many caviar farms, sturgeons are milked or “striped” of their eggs rather than being culled or performing a cesarean section. The fish receives a pleasant stomach massage that sets off the natural process of spawning and releases the fish eggs. No hormones or steroids are used during any step of the striping. The process of caviar preparation hasn’t changed for centuries. The only difference is in sterile condition of the processing facility that insures top quality of our product. MOTTRA does not add any preservatives or chemicals to the fish nor to the caviar; just salt is added at the final stage.




  • Motta is a proud member of Slow Food.

    Supported by Prince of Wales.
  • ”Mottra Caviar. That’s it. Why would you have anything else? I’ve been working with a sustainable caviar company called Mottra. Caviar from wild fish is going to be a thing of the past, because there just ain’t that many sturgeon out there any more. On top of the sustainability aspect, the eggs are much less salty than traditional kinds, so you get a good taste of the actual eggs.”

    Mark His, chef, author and entrepreneur
  • ”Ever since we started offering Mottra Caviar with one of L’Anima signature dishes, it became even more popular. The subtle taste just uplifts the dish and gives it an extra burst of flavour.”

    Francesco Mazzei, executive chef and patron of L'Anima
  • ”Wild caviar is difficult to source, and its scarcity must question our use of it. Mottra Caviar is a great alternative, and the flavor is superb. Some farmed caviar can be muddy or too salty in flavour, there is none of this with the Mottra products, they are first rate.”

    Mitchell Tonks, award winning food writer restaurateur and fishmonger
  • ”Thank You very much for your…sustainable ethical and guild-free caviar.”

    Louis B. Susman, Ambassador, Embassy of the United States of America, London
  • ”Many thanks for your fast service.”

    Duke of Edinburgh's Household, Buckingham Palace
  • ”Only good news – you will laugh, but the best black caviar we have ever tasted (and everybody from our team has about 20 times taken a stroll around the planet) – is Latvian. LAT-VI-AN. Awesome, isn’t it? Homeland of elephants! Besides they ‘milk’ their sturgeons on the farm – and don’t kill them, we are not especially ‘green’, it’s a little thing, but pleasant. We love them very much and everything there is so right – slightly salted, with typical protein taste, and not the Astrakhan’s ‘salted snivel’, this caviar is ideal on our taste.”

    Anton Nenashev, Director of Film-production Board/Channel One Russian

The Mottra caviar farm in the Latvian capital of Riga is one of the largest and most modern of its kind in Europe. Mottra attaches great importance to the environment and the protection of species. Throughout the energy-efficient production process neither fish nor nature is harmed. The modern sturgeon’s natural population of the endangered fish should be strongly protected. Joy with a clear conscience.

Mottra Caviar Group



Our products

Russian Tradition

Russian Tradition Osetra Caviar is vacuum-sealed in glass jars soon after it’s harvested for a 100% legal and sustainable luxury food product. The eggs in our Russian Tradition Caviar are harvested from the same fish as our Finest Caviar Osetra and offer fresh taste and firmness, but with traditional Russian touch. Suited for daily use, this product is designed for those used to Russian caviar traditions.


Sturgeon Caviar

Treat your palate to the subtle taste of Sturgeon Caviar, harvested by the experts at Mottra. To create traditional black caviar with a light, subtle taste that’s unforgettable, we’ve paid strict attention to every detail from the pure artesian water in our fish tanks to the thermo-coolers used for delivery to our customers. When your caviar arrives, it will look and taste as fresh as the day it was harvested.

This culinary delight is produced by the very same fish used in our more expensive caviar, but there may be some small variation in egg shape or colour. The flavour profile and processing method is exactly the same making this product a brilliant compromise between quality and value.


Finest Caviar

This fine black caviar has a grain-to-grain texture, a large diameter and a subtle flavour with absolutely no aftertaste. Cultivated in crystal-clear waters, harvested on site, processed under sterile conditions and kept at precise temperatures until it reaches its final destination, this premium black caviar is guaranteed to arrive fresh, plump and ready to serve. Finest Caviar Osetra is fully sustainable and doesn’t endanger the wild sturgeon population.

No chemicals are ever used in the making of Mottra Caviar Osetra. To qualify this black caviar as malossol, we only add a slight amount of salt at the very end of the process, right before vacuum sealing the glass jars. This results in a firm texture that’s never mushy or sticky while naturally preserving the high quality of the eggs. For the best possible flavour, we recommend serving with a mother-of-pearl spoon.


Vantage Caviar

Mottra is proud to offer Vantage Caviar, their best preservative free black caviar.

Vacuum sealed for freshness without any preservatives, not even salt, the fresh, light flavour of this fine caviar always shines through. A committed member of the Slow Food movement, Mottra successfully combines luxury with sustainability. The high level of quality is clearly evident in the firm, grain-to-grain texture and fresh, subtle flavour that’s never fishy or metallic.


Gold Caviar

Best quality caviar pure gold flakes of 9999 purity. Produced only if ordered.


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